Top 10 Best Desktop SEO Softwares 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a tedious and complex set of activities. Neither is it a one-time task. On the contrary, SEO is an ongoing process.

Lack of proper and through Search Engine Optimization can virtually kill your website. With little or no search engine traffic your online business model whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site comes to a standstill.

The 10 Best SEO Software compiled below are capable of performing on-page as well as off-page optimization, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, site analysis, link building, web page rank analysis and many other SEO related tasks.

Most of them come as paid versions while some are also available on free trial also. Moreover, they are easy and intuitive to use too. So you can go through the collection of 10 Best SEO Software shown here under, and you would find the SEO Software fulfilling your needs and requirements.

Top 10 Best Desktop SEO Softwares 2019

1. SEO Power Suite

SEO Power Suite provides world-standard SEO software. It helps to improve the search rankings of your website on the search engines by doing proper keyword research and analysis, building quality backlinks, content optimization, and by doing other SEO tasks as well.

SEO Power Suite comes in Free, Professional, and Enterprise versions. It provides powerful on page SEO software which makes SEO tasks easy and effective and result oriented. Its toolkit includes tools such as Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor and LinkAsistant.

SEO Power Suite - SEO Software

2. iBusiness Promoter

iBusiness Promoter is one of the most powerful, advanced and successful SEO Software Tool. It employs safe SEO methods to give you improved and lasting results as far as SEO tasks are concerned. It helps you get first page rankings on Google, does keyword research and analysis easily and quickly, checks search engine positions for your web pages, helps in getting high-quality backlinks, and do effective competitor analysis as well besides doing other SEO tasks.

SEO Software

3. WebCEO Professional Suite

WebCEO Professional Suite is a world-class SEO Software that is perfectly suitable for webmasters, site owners, seasoned professionals and even for search engine marketing novices. WebCEO Professional SEO Software provides a unified workspace with twelve different programs to manage all the tasks related to Search Engine Optimization. It performs keyword research and analysis, does SEO analysis, helps to find a niche and build highly targeted traffic for your site, performs site promotions on search engines, analyzes SEO results, helps to have a trouble-free website and lots of other SEO efforts as well.

SEO Software - WebCEO Professional Suite

4. SE Ranking

The best thing with SE Ranking SEO Software is the fact that it is capable of performing a host of SEO related tasks, including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, site analysis, and on-page and off-page optimization tasks.

So, SE Ranking turns out to be an all-in-one SEO tool. It offers a tool for 100 percent accurate keyword position tracking. Then, there’s competitor SEO/PPC research tool. You can also carry out backlink checking and monitoring, thorough website audit, on-page SEO audit, keyword research, and can perform hosts of other SEO tasks. It comes studded with a powerful reporting tool, as well.

In fact, there’s lot more to expect with SE Ranking as far as SEO tasks are concerned. SE Ranking plans start at $7/month and max out at $189/month. So, it is designed to fit in the budget of every webmaster, blogger, or e-entrepreneur.

SE Ranking SEO Software

5. Website Rocket

Although Website Rocket is relatively a new entrant in the SEO Software space, it has been successful in making its mark as a local SEO Software for small business. Its unique DIY approach to SEO for local businesses offers its users step-by-step instructions. Using Website Rocket is just like working with a full-time SEO professional on retainer, guiding you through every SEO aspect of your website.

Website Rocket helps you analyze the On Page potential of your power pages and if there is any lacuna, then takes you through the process of optimizing your pages. Further up, Website Rocket also gives users detailed directions on how to procure valuable, authority building backlinks from trusted directories, niche influencers and more. It’s a superb SEO tool for small business owners.

It provides simple and easy to follow SEO Tasks, doing which you can move your website rankings at the top of search engine result pages. You can start with a free website analysis and find out instantly what aspects of SEO you need to work on. It’s a small business SEO Software that works. The best part being that it is very affordable.

With respect to improving SEO for your website, Website Rocket tells you what to do step by step so that you can grow your local business. As you go on to complete SEO and Social Media tasks your business will pick up momentum, grow in traffic and increase sales. It turns out to be the best SEO Software for small business that makes the process simple for you.

Website Rocket - Local SEO Software

6. ApexPacific SEO Suite

SEO Suite is one of the most advanced and powerful SEO Software which comes with more than 25 SEO tools delivering high-quality website optimization. It combines Web Ranking Software as well as Dynamic Submission Software and has hosts of other useful features as well. It comes with Web Site Optimizer, Link Building Tools, Reporting Tools, do keyword research and analysis and also monitors the rankings for keywords and does lots of other tasks as well.

SEO Software

7. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

You can make your site search engine friendly using Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit it is a best free SEO software. Free SEO Toolkit eases your efforts for search engine optimization (SEO). It can be downloaded for free. Free SEO Toolkit provides a detailed analysis of your website and provides helpful suggestions to improve the overall relevance of your website in the search results. It helps you to grow your website traffic and revenue, controls the access and display of website content in search results, and improves the overall user experience as well.

SEO Software

8. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis provides a comprehensive and powerful SEO Software tool which you can use to increase your website rankings in the results shown by the search engines. By using Traffic Travis you exactly come to know why competitors outrank you and come up ways to beat them. It helps to build quality backlinks and fix mistakes on your website. With Traffic Travis you can access your on-page SEO efforts and suggest you to improve them. It also helps you do keyword research and analysis. You can even spy on the keywords for which your competitors are paying to advertise and performs lots more of SEO work as well. Traffic Travis comes both as a free and pro versions.

SEO Software

9. Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a powerful keyword research and analysis tool which can also be used to monitor your website rankings and do competitors analysis as well. Market Samurai easy to use SEO software you can discover quickly high traffic keywords and optimize your web pages accordingly to get high volume traffic through search engines and thus popularize your website and improve your earnings. Market Samurai helps to select a rightful domain for your website that would help in boosting the rankings on the search engines. It also supports to build high-authority backlinks and perform other SEO related tasks as well. It comes with a free trial offer and its full version is also available.

SEO Software

10. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is a powerful Site-Audit tool for any serious SEO work. The tool goes on to index your entire site and creates a spreadsheet of all your pages including their SEO elements. It also finds broken links, Bad tags, and much more.

It’s a Site Audit Software that gives you a big picture view of your website. You come to know how many pages your website has. Are there broken links? How are the titles and Meta descriptions?

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool ‘crawls’ through your entire website and furnishes a list of all your internal pages including crawl level, Internal and Outbound links per page, keyword elements such as title and description as well as their lengths, HTTP status codes.

The tool makes it easy to examine the whole website and find out what needs to be updated. Screaming Frog shows you the list of pages that are generating 404 errors. Plus, it also shows 301 redirects. So, you can easily fix every single 404 and 301 page. Screaming Frog is free for indexing website that has less than 500 pages. It works on Linux, Mac, or PC.

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