Top 20 Best SEO Tools that can be used in 2018

Top 20 Best SEO Tools that can be used in 2018

Here is the list of those top 100 SEO tools to use in 2017:


SEMrush offers you a tool that enables you to check organic search, paid search, backlinks, and display advertising, organic keywords and organic paid. This also enables the user to check top organic keywords, organic position, distribution, main organic competitors, and competitive communication map. Available for both mobile and desktop, this tool allows you to do video advertising, display advertising, traffic analytics and PLA research. Under keyword analytics, this tool enables to perform phrase match, related keywords, ads history. Apart from this, Projects allow you to launch global campaigns for your site by using their tools that involve site audit, position tracking, SEO ideas, social media, brand monitoring, backlink audit, PPC keyword tool and organic traffic insights. You can also see an online demo.

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Be it Keyword Research, SEO Audit & Crawl, Backlink Research, Rank Tracking or SEO Toolbar, Moz tool guides all of these SEO tasks. Moz also offers it’s Mozscape API which serves varied metrics like MozRank, MozTrust, Domain Authority, and Page Authority. All the tools offered from the Moz toolbox try to give the best results and reports for the task it is used. A lot of company uses Moz API to drive their results.

Many of its tools hit the charts due to their accuracy level and easy processing whereas some are not too much recognized. Moz tools give the insights of the task in its report which helps in modifying one’s way of SEO working. As per professionals, the quality of the data is good and the reports offered are extensive in nature by separating every pros and con of the website.


Raven Tools act as a site auditor a good tool if you can pay the fee. The free version is not appropriate and sometimes fails to audit or analyze the website of the seeker. The single tool offers loads of information such as track keywords, monitor back links, or compare the competition, of the website it has analyzed. Professionals call it a good site if you have to manage single or multiple sites.

The information shown in the report is pulled from varied sources instead of one which can lead to inaccuracy of the results. It is better to track result from one instead of jumping between different sources. Overall the tool helps in the review and track the complete site. It offers analyzed results on the basis of varied categories to provide a complete picture.


Majestic has numerous tools to serve you, as backlink checker, URL submitter, site explorer, keyword checker, and link profile fight. These tools provide you comprehensive information about your website and the websites of your competitors using which you can give a new power to your SEO campaign. To use the tools of Majestic, you have to create an account on the site. Tools are paid and you can check their pricing on ‘Plans & Pricing’ option given on the right hand upside corner of the website.


Ahrefs provides a number of tools such as Site Explorer, Positions Explorer, Content Explorer, Position Tracker, Crawl Report and Ahrefs Alerts. With their offered tools you can track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing. Under Site Explorer, you get a detailed backlink profile for any website or URL. Under Positions Explorer, you can analyze your competitors’ search traffic. Under Content Explorer, you can discover the content that’s working well in your niche and you can find out what content is getting the most shares and backlinks so you can build a winning content strategy. You get accurate, daily ranking data with position tracker. Identifying and fixing common SEO issues on your site are done by Crawl Report. With Ahrefs Alerts, you get an email notification whenever you or your competitors get a new backlink or lose one. You’ll see exactly where any new backlinks are coming from.


This tool is getting famous among all the professionals since the day Google has started putting a penalty on rule breakers. As Varvy is the tool which tests that whether the guidelines are being followed or not in the process of the SEO of a website. The tool checks about all the guidelines issued by Google so far and generate a comprehensive report, describing where the guidelines are followed and where they are not.

Main headings shown in the reports are Googlebot access, Mobile Devices display, Security, Accessibility, Page speed, Robots.txt guideline, Image alt text, Sitemaps, If Modified Since, Paid links, Valid HTML, Amount of links, Findable links, and HTTP headers. These headings are based on the various guidelines issued by the Google for the process of SEO. A yellow highlight in this shows that the website is not following certain Google guidelines whereas a green light shows that you are good to go in that rule.


Woorank is the complete package provides information regarding any website. The report is very detailed and also informs about the cons if find any. The varied headings under which it describes the whole website that too in a free version are SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies, crawl errors, backlinks, social, local, SERP checker and visitors.

This tool does not leave any part of the website untouched or unviewed before forming its result. The resulting report can be downloaded in a pdf format so that you can analyze it in a better way. It generates a report on instant basis. In the free trial version, one can generate a limited number of reports only, although you can check the old reports at any time of the day. This tool is the perfect place to get all the necessary detail of the website along with the issue it needs to resolve.


As the name suggest SEO Site Checkup is a tool which runs on the respective site of the seeker and provides a checkup score which tells the standing of the website. Then when you scroll down in the report, primarily it is divided into major headings then into subheadings where the tool describes every good and bad aspect of the website.

If something is wrong then it also suggests some pointers to correct the mistake. In the trial version, you can check a minimal number of websites only. It is surprising to tell that this tool goes through 45 individual checks in 6 different categories. The six basis or categories of analyzing the site are Common SEO Issues, Speed Optimizations, Server & Security, Mobile Usability, Social Media and Semantic Web. The 45 individual checks are the part of these main categories only.


Site Analyzer is a free website analyzing tool which runs almost 71 separate checks under the five main headings of accessibility, design, texts, multimedia, and networking. It tells about the results in the form of percentages as in which task is how much good in overall. If you scroll further then each main heading is broken into smaller parts to make it easy to understand for the reader.

After from these headings it also gives a percentage of the overall health of the website. The tool is mostly used by the professionals when they need a detailed report on the basis of five major divisions done in the report. The report is created to provide an in-depth insight on the website. Along with the results, the tool also offers what does seeker has to do next to improve their score.


Small SEO tools check the website on the basis of various criteria and offer status to every heading which can be in the form of a tick (passed), cross (failed), info (incomplete) and okay (satisfactory). The various criteria are page title, Meta Description , Meta keywords, Google Search Results Preview, Keywords Test, <h1> Headings Status, <h2> Headings Status, Robots.txt Test, Sitemap Test, Disallow Directive Checker, Broken Links Test, Underscores in Links Test, SEO Friendly URL Test, Image Alt Test, Inline CSS Test, Favicon Test, Deprecated HTML Tags, Noindex Tag Checker, Nofollow Tag Checker, Domain Authority, Page Authority, WWW redirection Test, HTML Page Size Test, and HTML Compression/GZIP Test.

Any tests are taken and scored on the basis of certain standards, in the case of SEO process these scores are given on the basis of Google guidelines. If the score is good then this tool also gift a badge to the website, which can be shown on it.


Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd developed a tool known as “Copyscape”. This tool will help you to check whether your website content is duplicate or not. It also acts as a free plagiarism checker. Simply enter your domain name in the input box to check for any duplicate content. This tool automatically scans the web regularly to check for copies of your website content. The tool provides free as well as premium services. Premium service includes a lot of features such as copy/paste check, batch search, private index, case tracking etc. By using this tool businesses can check the originality of their website content. This is one of the most popular plagiarism and duplicate checker used by several business owners.


Pingdom makes it easy to monitor your websites and servers. It is the most apt tool for uptime monitoring, real user monitoring, transaction monitoring, and integrate with Librato to correlate your data with cloud metrics in real time to help you improve performance. It is a reliable service which analyzes the root cause of the problem, and improve the team’s incident workflow with the right alerts.

Pingdom helps you in automating your interactions to create your own applications with the functionality you find in the interface. Get alerts when your website is down and insights into the ways to its performance and functionality. With this app, now you can improve your SEO rankings after increasing your page load speeds and decrease your bounce rate. This would result in more page views and will increase your page load speeds.


Siteliner is a tool developed by the developers of Copyscape, one of the renowned search engine for duplicate content and plagiarism. This tool helps you to find out various issues that can have negative effects on your site visibility, ranking and traffic. This tool finds out duplicate content, broken links, most prominent pages as well as sitemap reports. You can check whether your domain has duplicate content or broken links. You just have to enter your domain name in the input box. This tool will help you to analyze detail results of different pages of your website. It also provides a comparison of your website with other sites on different parameters such as average page size, page load time, total links per page etc. You can use this tool for free as well as for premium service. In free service, you can analyze 250 pages whereas, in premium service, 25000 pages can be analyzed.


Open Link Profiler is the free tool to access your backlinks and analyze their quality. The free version shows more than 2 lakh backlinks in a single report as well as also allows the seeker to export approx. 1000 backlinks in a CSV file format. This feature is not yet offered by the big names like Ahrefs, majestic SEO, or open site explorer.

The site has its own web crawler under the name of spbot. The tool has the largest database of the backlinks with it. This tool analyzes and shows the fresh backlinks when searched, as in if you enter your domain name in the given space then the result shows the links which were active in the last 90 days and remove the older data, to avoid the confusion. Overall a good tool to use.


Content is the most crucial requirement for a website. Special words known as keywords are useful not only from the perspective of the netizen but also from SEO. It is extremely necessary to analyze all such parameters and aspects that can influence the value of webpage during search. Internet Marketing Ninjas makes available such tools that are extremely helpful for the users. The keyword density tools offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas can be even used to analyze the performance of competitors.

The final report generated by the keyword density tool can bring you effective results. Internet marketing Ninjas offer this free tool of free keyword density analyzer to SEO’S and webmaster. It is important to take a note about keyword frequency and black hat tactics such as keyword stuffing should be avoided.


Pagespeed Insights analyzes your website for mobile and desktop and scores this based on the different checks its do. Moreover, this provides you information which testes your website pass and which it fails, and what are the areas that demand improvement. The tool checks landing page redirects, browser caching, server response time, optimize images, compression, Java Script, HTML, CSS, and render-blocking Java Script and CSS. The best thing is that the software tells you how you could fix the errors as well. You get all these details without paying any penny since tool is absolutely free and what all you have to done is you have to type your website URL and click on Analyze.


You can generate sitemap for your website in very simple steps with this software. You have to fill up your website URL, select frequency, select last modification, priority, and then lastly you have to click on the option “Start.” Once process is done and you get the code then go to your Google Webmaster account and add your sitemap URL there.


What is the biggest challenge for your website? Perhaps the answer is visibility and its ranking. Website that is not easily visible in the ocean of internet is likely to get lost. Webmasters play here crucial role; these web architects are administrators responsible for managing the entire website. Designing and creating appealing website is a very challenging task. Webmaster can even undertake special tips at Webmaster Academy and learn the ways to design great websites.

Robust web presence can take your business to phenomenal height. Tools, software and applications are readily available for the webmasters to improve the visibility of their website. However, what is more important is to develop great, appealing, useful websites that are SEO friendly and can prove quite helpful in generation of business.


Are you experiencing challenge in navigating your website or magnetizing traffic? If your answer is yes, then it is the time to analyze the performance of website and identify the areas that requires appropriate attention. There is availability of several tools, software and applications that understand the key requirement of webmaster and assist them to enhance traffic. Bing webmaster tools are mobile friendly and even help in indexing. Technical and relevant help is extended to webmasters regarding various aspects such as content, links, social media optimization, indexation, etc.

There is no scarcity of tools and other resources when it comes to optimization of websites. Webmasters should monitor the performance of the website on regular interval and embrace alternative that can boost the performance of business. For more information study the Bing webmaster guideline.


Website Penalty Indicator is a tool developed by FE International in partnership with Hit Reach Ltd. This tool helps you to find any penalty on your website. Simply enter your domain name and database to check whether your domain has a penalty on certain dates. Google updates such as panda and penguin can make drastic changes in your website’s ranking and organic traffic. With this tool, you can analyze your website’s organic traffic with dates of penguin and panda penalty and phantom update. This tool will help you to know the changes in your ranking and organic website traffic on the dates of google updates. By using this tool businesses can improve their search engine optimization very efficiently. This is one of the best tool used by business owners.

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