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Keep reading so you can keep your Heart Health and Confidence high, with a revolutionary new men’s Cardio Support Formula.

Your heart is the engine of your body! It’s an amazing machine that’s built to last for many decades. But as you grow older, maintaining a healthy cardio system becomes even more important.

In fact, if you are older, you might also be as “sick” as I am …

Sick of hearing your wife and loved ones nag you about your health and diet … “Don’t eat this… You can’t eat that… Watch your cholesterol!”

It seemed others close to me were more concerned about my heart health than I was!

So I felt guilty — because when I ate food I really enjoyed, like a nice big steak or a burger… I felt I was hurting my heart… and letting my family down.

And I came across a fascinating man and health expert named Dr Weston Price.

As a scientist, he conducted research all around the world, focusing his work on remote, indigenous tribes. And what he discovered shocked him …

You see, he documented that the tribes that ate a very natural diet were also very healthy (even though they were poor and had none of the material riches we have today in the west).

Now, here’s what I found really interesting …

Most of these tribes ate a substantial amount of meat.

In fact, some of these tribes, like the Eskimo Inuits, ate nothing but meat! A 100% carnivore diet.

And yet, their Blood Pressure and Cholesterol counts were much lower than people eating a standard western diet.

This went against everything we hear in modern-day America!

That puzzle led me to do more research into this controversial issue …

And that’s when I stumbled across the research into something called Nitric Oxide.

This life-changing breakthrough for men came in 1998 when 3 scientists won the Nobel Prize for proving that Nitric Oxide — which, up until then, they thought was just a simple gas — was the key to solving this puzzle.

You see, what they discovered is that Nitric Oxide signals the smooth muscle cells in your blood vessels to relax, so that your vessels dilate and your blood flows more freely. This helps you to maintain optimal blood flow and arterial health

And when I went back and did more research on Weston Price, I also discovered that there were certain animal foods the indigenous tribes particularly loved, because they contained nutrients that helped support their:

And also…Boosted theirNitric Oxide levels

This all happened despite their diet high in animal meat… Because it was also high in B vitamins like Niacin. Which helped me realize that, rather than focusing on a low fat/low cholesterol diet like so many people recommend today…

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, and to support good cardiovascular health, the real key to maintaining good cardiovascular and overall health is:

So you see, your heart can remain healthy for many decades, IF you take good care of it – and support it – with the right nutrient blend!

That ALSO means supporting your arterial health … so the blood supply to your heart stays constant and uninterrupted.

This gives you energy… stamina… easy breathing… sound sleep… and focused mental clarity.

The fact is, your heart is simply an automatic pump! As long as it stays strong, gets a signal from your brain to beat, and gets the nutrients it needs, your heart will beat billions of times over your life time.

BUT… Proper arterial health, blood pressure within normal ranges, and optimal blood flow are ALSO key contributors to maintaining cardiovascular health.

Hi, my name is Adam Armstrong.

And many people refer to me as: “The Health Guy.” Why? Because I’m a huge proponent of men’s health.

Let’s face it, as men, many of us are terrible when it comes to our health, having regular health check ups, and doing everything we can to stay healthy and active.

Part of my enthusiasm today was born out of concern for men who don’t do enough to stop their own health decline, while they are much too young.

So you see, I am doing what I can now to help men stay healthy, active and strong as they age! I want to empower them with trusted formulas they can rely on to support this.

And when it comes to ultimate heart health, Alpha Strength is our “best foot forward” to help you thrive!

When you see more about how it can help, and the strong science behind it, I think you’ll agree that it is a simple, yet enormous step in supporting your heart.

The 9 ingredients in Alpha Strength are the best of the best! The best artery dilators to maintain your arteries at full capacity. The best nitric oxide boosters, to support healthy blood flow. And the best support nutrients to
help keep your entire cardio system in tip top shape.

These are nutrients your body needs to keep you and healthy, but may not get enough of anymore. Keeping an abundant supply of them in your body is the best way to help maintain robust cardio health so you can always feel your best.

Let me quickly tell you about them …

L-Citrulline is a natural amino acid, which means it’s a building block of protein.

The body converts L-citrulline to L-arginine, another type of amino acid. L-arginine improves blood flow.

In your body, the amino acid arginine changes into nitric oxide (NO). And nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax, and improves circulation. Evidence shows that arginine can help improve
blood flow in your arteries.

Which makes this “heart health” gold for you!

It’s the best, most proven, most natural way to increase circulation-boosting Nitric Oxide, both immediately, and long-term with continued use.

A lot of foods have L-Arginine, but your digestive system also has a harder time converting the L-Arginine you get from food into Nitric Oxide (especially once you hit age 40 or 45). So you
can eat all the high Arginine foods you want and still not see a difference.

So while it does occur naturally in food, here’s the point:

You’ll never get anything close to a strong enough dose to be effective. It’s found in watermelon for example, but you’d have to eat several pounds of watermelon a day to get what you need. That’s A LOT of watermelon. An impossible amount
in fact, even if you love it.

Because L-Citrulline travels through different pathways in your body, it’s used more efficiently by your body than L-Arginine to produce Nitric Oxide. It does so faster and more easily than
L-Arginine does – especially if you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or beyond.

So, having looked at all the studies, and experimented on myself and my clients, 1000mg per dose, per day, is the perfect amount. Any less, and it’s much less likely to be effective.

And of course, there’s scientific evidence for L-Citrulline boosting circulation and blood vessel dilation …

For example, they did a double blind study where they gave 24 men L-Citrulline for a month. For most of them, it boosted their blood flow considerably. That was all they needed …

That’s a pretty remarkable result from just ONE amino acid!

Every year, 1 in 4 Americans die from poor heart health,making it a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Which means ALL men need to pay close attention to these important factors:

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Being aware of family heart health history

Practicing anactive lifestyle

Weight management

Managing day-to-day stress

Taking Alpha Strength, along with a healthy diet, and regular activity can positively benefit all these cardio health factors!

But the sum of ALL of the ingredients put together, in very specific quantities and ratios, is far greater than any one ingredient, or even if you took all of them separately.

Before we move on to talk about the other parts of the formula, it’s probably worth noting that L-Citrulline has other benefits, such as the fact that it:

Supports Heart Health and Boosts your Energy

Promotes Sharper Memory and Clearer Thinking

Research also showed that L-Citrulline can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels already within normal ranges.

Researchers looked at L-Citrulline’s effects on men in their 50s with blood pressure concerns. And after measuring their blood pressure levels, they gave each of them either L-Citrulline, or a placebo,
to take daily.

Six weeks later the researchers measured everyone’s blood pressure again. Amazingly, they found that ALL the men taking L-Citrulline saw their blood pressure levels drop!

That’s right, the study found it worked. For everyone!

Another study found a similar result: Men taking L-Citrulline saw a dramatic improvement in both their Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure.

And, yet another study found this powerful Amino Acid helped promoted artery flexibility and supported their heart health after exercise.

And, many people who workout, including athletes, often take L-Citrulline to aid their performance — both aerobic capacity and strength.

A 100% success rate — that’s even more impressive!

The truth is, once you get beyond a certain age, with heart health becoming more important every day, taking L-Citrulline is a “No-Brainer” for any man, because there’s so much to gain.

Niacin, in it’s Nicotinic Acid form. This is important, as most of the Niacin sold is in the Niacinamide form, which isn’t much use. Niacin is basically Vitamin B3.

It’s found naturally in many foods, but it’s easy to get deficient in it, because it’s water soluble, meaning: it only lasts in your body for a few hours after you eat it, and then it gets flushed away.

Now, the particular form of Niacin I was telling you about – Nicotinic Acid – is very interesting as it does a similar job to nitric oxide: it’s a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels and capillaries, allowing
more blood to get into your capillaries.

It’s so powerful, that if you take too much of it, it has a ‘flushing’ effect… where you go red, and feel a ‘prickly heat’ kind of feeling.

It’s commonly used to support cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within normal ranges. It’s a nutrient found in foods and many supplements. It also supercharges the effects of the L-Citrulline.

Along with the L-Citrulline and the other ingredients I’m going to tell you about, it’s just enough to help create a very noticeable effect in your arteries where you need it most …

A double blind placebo controlled study in 2011, of 80 men, showed that they all had some improvement in blood flow after taking Niacin daily … while the 80 men having a placebo didn’t notice any changes.

Wow! Of course you won’t hear much about this, because Niacin is a simple nutrient that’s not patentable, so Big Pharma can’t make a fortune selling it to you.

So, this ingredient is very important for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root, also known as Tongkat Ali.

This is an herb from Southeast Asia. It’s very rare, because it only grows in one country – Malaysia.

And, it’s also one of the most powerful herbs in the world for boosting healthy Nitric Oxide levels by supporting healthy circulation. And improved circulation is associated with easy flow of blood and delivery of oxygen, nutrients, proteins
throughout the body.

Optimal circulation plays a key role in keeping your heart strong! So anything we could add to help keep arteries clear and blood moving freely is your friend.

Plus, this also may be of interest to you as a man who wants to stay strong and active…

Tongkat Ali is the most powerful herb in the world for naturally supporting testosterone levels, and supporting prostate health!

So along with maintaining cardiovascular health, it can also support your performance in the bedroom!

Now… here’s another ingredient that has to be in there:

A high quality Fenugreek extract.

Fenugreek can help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range. This may be because fenugreek seeds contain roughly 48% dietary fiber — which is great for your arteries.

Fenugreek can also have a positive effect on blood lipid levels to maintain optimal blood flow and arterial health.

It has also been shown to support cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels in normal, healthy ranges, while promoting healthy HDL levels. Which also helps maintain optimal blood flow and arterial health.

And fenugreek contains key antioxidants that help protect you from free radicals. This is an important cardio benefit that can help support a strong body.

Plus, in a study on sexual health using Fenugreek, researchers found the men enjoyed:

Once again, we see that heart health and improved sexual function often go hand-in-hand. Which is great news! And an amazing bonus!

These essential nutrients: Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, are all nutrients naturally found in foods. The problem is, as we become older and less healthy, our body may not get enough of these nutrients from the foods we eat.

Then there’s the problem that many of the foods we eat are not nearly as nutritious as they used to be, because of factory farming, industrial fertilizers, over-farming the land, and so on.

And, most importantly, as we age, it’s hard for many U.S. men to get enough of these 3 key nutrients from their daily diet.

However, your doctor won’t always tell you about this. But the truth is, having enough of these key nutrients can greatly improve the quality of your life.

Even worse, day-to-day stress — which too many men simply cope with, but never actually deal with– can deplete the body of Magnesium and Vitamin B6. And once it’s depleted, especially in the case of Magnesium,
it’s very difficult for your body to get enough from a food source, and even most supplements.

That’s why for Magnesium, I always recommend a high quality version, like Magnesium Bisglycinate, that your body is actually able to utilize and absorb.

Many men don’t realize there’s a crucial mineral they often don’t get enough of, which is …

Studies show a direct link between proper zinc levels and good cardio health. In fact, healthy levels of zinc in your body can also promote the health of your heart itself. So when oxidative stress occurs,
it may be due to not enough zinc.

Then we have one of the most important ingredients of all..

We included Vitamin D because strong research suggests that Vitamin D can play an essential, yet often overlooked, role in promoting heart health.

In fact, a number of Vitamin D studies have shown that healthy levels of Vitamin D can help promote good heart health.

However, research has shown, that many people over age 60, may not get enough vitamin D from their diet or lifestyle alone.

This is important to know because getting enough vitamin D has been linked to proper arterial health.

You see, your arteries are like rubber tubes …

Your arteries are meant to expand and be soft and pliable. They need to maintain their “stretchiness” for optimal heart health.

Vitamin D also helps to promote a healthy inflammatory response and support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal ranges. Plus, a new study on the correlation between vitamin D and heart health
was conducted by researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital …

They reviewed data from studies of more than 10,000 Danes and compared those with the lowest levels of vitamin D to those with the highest levels.

Wow! What an eye opener! The study showed the important role Vitamin D plays in optimal hearth health.

A balanced diet, active lifestyle, and time for de-stressing can contribute to ideal heart health. And having healthy levels of vitamin D can help with this.

The bottom line is: Your heart needs Vitamin D, and you almost certainly don’t get enough of it. Alpha Strength gives you a full, heart-helping dose!

The thing to really understand about this formula is that it’s synergistic, so the sum is far greater than its parts!

One of these nutrients alone is good … but together they are amazing at helping you stay “heart strong!”

Every year more and more men are choosing to be safe instead of sorry… and maintain their heart health with all natural Alpha Strength.

They’re choosing to put their health and longevity first, so they can be around for life’s important moments.

Alpha Strength is truly an amazing all-natural combination of 9 powerful nutrients, herbs, vitamins and minerals that help you maintain strong heart health (and everything related to having a healthy heart, including high
energy levels, good fitness, and strong libido and performance).

Remember, Alpha Strength’s unique “Male Heart Health Formula” is made with ingredients specifically shown to support arterial health for men!

That’s why many men experience remarkable results — and feel better — in just a matter of days! And you’ll always know it’s working in the background of your life to help and support you. Alpha Strength also
comes with an
unconditional 90-Day Guarantee.

If you don’t see and feel remarkable differences in your health, you don’t pay.

Whether you want to run a marathon, compete in an Iron man, continue to play golf or tennis, or spend time running around the yard with your grandkids… your heart health will determine how active you are. How able you are
to live to the max.

Good heart health means high energy, easy breathing, full activity, and full mobility and independence. A strong heart means the sky’s the limit! You can be “that guy” that everyone looks to and says, “man, that guy is a stud for his age!”

So go ahead, line it all up and plan it out! Your travel plans, your hobbies, your favorite activities … and do it all with no care, no concern and no risk with Alpha Strength.

Alpha Strength is like the ultimate support system for your heart! Your heart is a masterpiece of engineering, and it was absolutely built to last … IF you take care of it!

Yes, it will serve you well for many years if you do your part to maintain it! Alpha Strength is here to nourish and support your heart and arteries. And if you are one of those who loves the peace of mind from an Extended
Warranty, Alpha Strength will serve as a great protection and “Extended Warranty” on your most vital organ.

I haven’t talked about his much, because I really want to stay focused on your healthy heart …

But it’s worth mentioning …

The powerful nutrients in Alpha Strength, besides supporting heart healthy, have ALSO been shown to

Supercharge your Confidence (inside and outside of the bedroom)

Blow up your Energy Levels – supporting you to last much longer in bed (and get more done in your day-to-day life)

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, you may achieve your ideal body weight (and gain some muscle and strength if you want to) – without giving up all your favorite foods

So you see, Alpha Strength has so much to offer you! You can feel like a new man inside and out!

The fact is: Alpha Strength is easily absorbed, thoroughly studied, and carefully produced. We would never put only a small amount of poor quality, ineffective ingredients into
our product.

As the owner of the company, Alpha Strength has my personal stamp of approval. I know it is made with the maximum dose of pure, premium, effective ingredients that WILL have a positive effect in your body Guaranteed.

I know you’re putting your trust in us to strengthen and support your heart and arteries. And we don’t take that job lightly. That’s why only the very best, most effective ingredients go into our circulation-boosting heart health formula.

Every bottle of Alpha Strength contains the highest quality ingredients, mixed in very specific ratios, and has been through 19 different safety and quality checks before it gets to you …

Even though we source the ingredients in Alpha Strength from the most trusted sources, every batch of each ingredient that comes through the door goes immediately into “quarantine”, until it’s tested by the lab for any contaminants.

Each ingredient is then analyzed using FTIR spectroscopy—an expensive process that guarantees the material is exactly what it’s supposed to be. Then the ingredients are tested for microbials and pathogens.

Sometimes, if anything is less than perfect, we have to throw out an entire batch – but it’s better than the alternative: an unsafe and lousy product.

Also, after the capsules are manufactured, our quality control goes further and tests random samples of the blended ingredients, to make sure the final product contains the exact amounts of each ingredient that it should.

Well, when you consume Alpha Strength, you know for certain that:

To experience all the benefits, all you have to do is build up to taking:

4 Capsules of Alpha Strength each day, with a little water.

You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle …. However, if you want to optimize the benefits of our product it’s recommended to eat a well-rounded diet and exercise regularly.

To boost your Nitric Oxide Levels and boost your blood flow – just knock back 4 capsules of Alpha Strength each day and watch what happens!

The other nice thing about working with our large, U.S. based manufacturer is that they have the contacts and the buying power to source these ingredients inexpensively.

So I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been able to keep the price of Alpha Strength extremely low. Take Advantage and ORDER NOW

Order now with No Risk …

Because your order is covered by my no quibble 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

“YES” – that’s right … you can try Alpha Strength, see if you like it, and get a refund up to 90 days after purchase, for ANY reason.

If you really don’t like Alpha Strength – which is highly unlikely because it’s so powerful and effective — simply call or email our friendly English speaking, industry best support team, and they’ll refund you in full…
every penny.

They’re available 20 hours a day, 363 days a year, from 5am to 1am EST.

Now. I doubt very much that you’ll be asking for a refund – because Alpha Strength contains 9 nutrients scientifically proven to support cardiovascular health.

However, I’m offering you this 90 Day Guarantee so you can take advantage of the special offer prices on this page, and order today, with no risk and total peace-of-mind.

After all, the only companies who can offer a guarantee this long and robust are companies who have something they know truly works! Because, if you offered a 90 Day Guarantee on a lousy product, you’d soon go out of business!

And, in case you’re wondering – I’m not a Risk-Taker. I’m actually a cautious guy when it comes to business (because I have a wife, 2 kids, and, like most people… a mortgage, bills to pay, and so on).

So, hopefully that eases any skepticism you might have. I’m backing your order for 90 days because I know Alpha Strength works.

Order a bottle of Alpha Strength today – to improve your cardio health. This is a “No-Brainer” because of the no quibble 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee, and the excellent savings, available only
for a limited time only.

Every smart, intelligent man who reads this page makes the same decision … They ALL opt to give Alpha Strength a try (which explains why you really should take advantage right now,
because the demand is so high, stock is running low)…

Let Alpha Strength help fill in any nutritional gaps so your heart can thrive.

You really have no alternative: You need to get serious and support your heart now. And there’s no better or easier way than with Alpha Strength!

Do it for yourself AND your family. Make sure you are doing everything you can to live strong!

Don’t leave your heart health to chance. Do what you can to live your life to the fullest with confidence and peace of mind.

Give your heart the help it needs to run smoother, longer, and healthier.

Plus, don’t forget Alpha Strength can also help you with strong bedroom performance… A healthy Sex-Drive… Consistent “Morning Wood” and Unbreakable Confidence, along with higher Testosterone Levels.

Try Alpha Strength and prepare to be impressed with how your body feels for months and years down the road!

Wishing you a long, healthy, active life …

Co-Creator of Alpha Strength

P.S. If you’re worried about your heart … you need to know 3 key things …

1. You can improve your situation (it’s not simply something a man has to risk just because he’s 40+). 2. Increasing your Nitric Oxide Levels is the key to free, easy blood flow to keep your arteries clear.
3. Taking Alpha Strength is the quickest and easiest way to improve your cardio health.

Alpha Strength is a unique capsule based formula, designed by world-renowned health expert Elwin Robinson (co-founder of The New Alpha and Taoist Health Master).

It contains 9 unique ingredients, mixed in very specific quantities, manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP Certified Facility.

On their own, each of the ingredients in Alpha Strength have been shown, in numerous scientific studies, to have beneficial affects on blood flow, Nitric Oxide, artery health and cardio wellness.

However, when mixed together, they work synergistically, and become even more powerful – much more powerful than they are if taken individually. Yet still 100% totally natural.

Save up to 55% OFF the usual price (click the “ORDER NOW” button below to see all the order options). And, be sure to take advantage of the monthly or quarterly subscription offers, if you want to ensure you never have to go even a single
day without Alpha Strength in your system

P.P.P.S. You can order Alpha Strength today, with NO RISK. Because your order is covered by my no quibble 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

QHow will Alpha Strength make me feel?

ASince Alpha Strength can help promote healthy circulation … And when blood flows normally throughout your body, oxygen and other vital nutrients flow through the arteries as was intended. You may also experience:

QWhat sets Alpha Strength apart from other cardio products?

AAlpha Strength contains 1000 mg of L-Citrulline, which is hundreds of milligrams more than other leading brands! In addition, we added other key nutrients to help make Alpha Strength the most effective cardio
health supplement on the market.

QHow long should I take Alpha Strength?

AAlpha Strength will continue to support your cardio health by supporting your heart and circulation for as long as you take it. And since your arteries are your lifeline, supporting them is a lifetime commitment.
So one bottle of Alpha Strength is a great start to see how well it works. But if you really want to promote healthy arteries, we recommend you request at least a 6 month supply.

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